Hyundai Motor Company announced on the 6th that it has launched ‘The Essential’, a new trim for the entry-level SUV Casper.

The Essential is a special trim composed of optimal specifications by analyzing customer preferences for a year since Casper was launched in September last year, and it is characterized by maximizing customer satisfaction through reasonable prices.

The Essential, released this time, includes many key convenience and safety features.

Artificial leather seats, Heated front seats, Heated steering wheel, Smart key, Rear monitor, High-pass system, etc., which consider passengers and drivers, enhance convenience. In addition, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as Forward Collision Prevention Assist Lane Departure Prevention Assist Lane Keeping Assist High Beam Assist Driver Attention Warning Forward Vehicle Departure Notification were installed to improve driving convenience and safety.

Hyundai also added high-end specifications that were applied only to Casper’s top trim to The Essential.

Projection headlamps and rear disc brakes were applied to the exterior, and metal paint inside door handles, driver’s safety power windows, and full auto air conditioning were applied to the interior. In addition, various infotainment functions such as △8-inch navigation △Hyundai CarPay, a simple in-vehicle payment service △Blue Link △Phone projection, etc. are installed to provide a convenient driving environment.

Although Hyundai Motor has strengthened its product quality by applying many of the specifications preferred by customers, it has set the selling price of The Essential at 16.9 million won, allowing more customers to experience Casper at a competitive price. Vehicles can be purchased from Casper’s dedicated online site.

To commemorate the launch of Casper’s special trim, Hyundai has prepared various events.

The test drive event, where you can experience the essential trim the fastest, will be held at Hyundai Driving Lounge nationwide from October 17th (Mon) to 31st (Mon). Application for test drive can be done through Casper’s dedicated online site.

In addition, from October 6th (Thu) to 31st (Mon), a ‘What’s in The Essential’ giveaway event will be held on the Casper exclusive online site using images containing the core specifications and selling price of The Essential trim.

There is also a ‘my case by CASPER’ giveaway event for customers who have shipped a vehicle. From October 20 (Thu) to December 31 (Sat), take a video of Caralife with Casper and share it on your personal SNS and Casper online purchase review page.

Hyundai operates the Casper Crew program. When a Casper-delivered customer informs the vehicle’s product quality and personal life, and this leads to a new customer’s purchase, Blue Members Points, which can purchase customized products, are paid.

In addition, we will provide a purchasing agency service for customers who are hesitant to sign a Casper contract because they are unfamiliar with the online purchasing method. It is a program that allows you to conveniently purchase a vehicle through phone consultation from contract to shipment (details can be found through the Casper-only online site and customer center).

“The Casper D Essential trim has the optimal combination of specifications and a reasonable price that customers prefer,” said a Hyundai Motors official.

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