From the ninth from the left, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Governor Oh Young-hoon, Second Vice Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Park Il-joon, Korea Southern Power President Lee Seung-woo, and Hyundai Motor Company Vice President Yoo Won-ha are taking a commemorative photo...
Hyundai Motor Company announced the Jeju Green Hydrogen Global Hub Construction Plan and Started the Jeju Green Hydrogen Production Demonstration Project held at the Jeju CFI Energy Future Hall (located in Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si) on the 29th. Participated in the event and decided to cooperate with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, and Korea Southern Power to build a green hydrogen ecosystem in Jeju Island.

This event was held as part of the Jeju Green Hydrogen Ecosystem Construction, which is being promoted based on the government’s hydrogen economy implementation basic plan announced in November last year. The event was attended by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Governor Oh Young-hoon, 2nd Vice Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Park Il-joon, Hyundai Motor Vice President Won-ha Yoo, and Korea Southern Power President Lee Seung-woo.

Green Hydrogen is hydrogen obtained through the electrolysis of water. It is produced similarly to ‘Grey Hydrogen’ and Gray Hydrogen produced from fossil fuels, but ‘Blue’ uses carbon capture and storage technology in the production process. Unlike ‘Blue Hydrogen’, it is called ‘the ultimate eco-friendly hydrogen’ that emits no carbon dioxide during the production process.

In Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, a large-scale green hydrogen production facility to which many water electrolysis hydrogen production demonstration technologies are applied will be built through the green hydrogen production demonstration project to be implemented from 2022 to 2026. In addition, in connection with this, the introduction of hydrogen mobility in Jeju Island will be promoted in stages.

In the future, by 2025, 50 hydrogen cleaning vehicles, 100 hydrogen buses, and 200 hydrogen passenger cars will be distributed in Jeju Island, and by 2030, 150 hydrogen cleaning vehicles (cumulative 200) △ 200 hydrogen buses (300 cumulative) ) △ 1,000 hydrogen passenger cars (cumulative 1200 units) will be additionally supplied.

Hyundai Motor plans to start distributing hydrogen city buses in Jeju Island from 2023, and also plans to introduce a mobile hydrogen charging station (for passenger vehicle charging only) to meet the charging demand of NEXO customers, which are hydrogen passenger cars.

Hyundai Motor expects the era of green hydrogen mobility to open in Jeju Island, the carbon-neutral mecca of Korea.

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