Samsung Electronics UV Sterilizer

Nowadays, when the importance of personal hygiene is emphasized more than ever, a wireless charging ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer that can prevent the spread of bacteria has been released. Hygiene is especially important for smartphones that are touched dozens of times a day. The UV sterilizer quickly sterilizes various items in 10 minutes  anytime, anywhere.


Sterilize up to 99% of germs, keep personal belongings ‘safe’

UV sterilizer can remove up to 99% of bacteria in the parts exposed to UV rays. Now, if you put your belongings that need sterilization into the sterilizer, you can use the sterilized product.

Samsung Electronics UV Sterilizer


Minimalist design fits anywhere

The UV sterilizer is designed with a size [5] that can accommodate items of various sizes from the design stage, so it can sterilize desired products from glasses to smartphones and earbuds. In addition, the simple and minimalistic exterior design harmoniously blends into any space in the house, allowing it to be placed in frequently used places without any space restrictions.

Samsung Electronics UV Sterilizer  Samsung Electronics UV Sterilizer Lifestyle Cut


One-button operation ‘finished’

The UV sterilizer can turn the UV lamp on and off [6] simply by pressing the power button located on the front of the product . The device automatically turns off after ’10 minutes’ of operation time, so you don’t have to worry about whether the sterilizer has been turned off after going out. In addition, [7] the device can be charged wirelessly while the product is sterilized, so you can use it without worrying about the battery.

Samsung Electronics UV Sterilizer

The wireless charging ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer is a product made by Samsung C&T, a partner of the Samsung Mobile Accessories Partnership Program (SMAPP), and can be purchased from the Samsung Electronics website and Samsung Digital Plaza nationwide from July 8.

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