Samsung Research E&I (Experience and Insight) Lab ( hereafter ‘E&I Lab ‘) co-hosted a hackathon to draw the future of health, wellness, and well-being and next-generation projection concepts together with theMassachusettsInstitute of Technology (MIT ) Media Lab In keeping with the educational philosophy of former dean William J. Mitchell , MIT has been promoting hackathons for a variety of students for many years .

Samsung Research co-hosts hackathon with MIT Media Lab

In the event held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA for three days from September 23rd, 12 teams of engineering and design majors from MIT , Harvard , Wellesley University participated in the event . Each team was tasked with solving real-world problems with a new projection concept and prototype .

Samsung Research, a leading R&D organization in Samsung Electronics ‘ DX (Device eXperience) sector, has been constantly challenging new technologies to broaden its research base As part of this hackathon, the purpose of this hackathon is to break down boundaries and solidify collaboration with academia .

In addition , the hackathon is an opportunity to meet students’ candid and open perspectives When you approach a problem right away without going through complicated steps , unexpected solutions can come out.

The meaning of holding a hackathon can also be found elsewhere Through this event, students not only got to know Samsung Research better, but also used it as an opportunity to check their skills Samsung Research also had the opportunity to have a wide range of exchanges with outstanding talents from global universities at this hackathon .

Samsung Research co-hosts hackathon with MIT Media Lab

The final sequence of the hackathon was a time when 12 participating teams shared their concepts and prototypes with the participants The judges, including Hyun-Jun Seung, Head of Samsung Research and Vice President Federico Casalegno, reviewed each team’s results and carefully judged them based on problem-solving grounds , prototype level , influence, and uniqueness .

The hackathon, which gave a glimpse of the students’ challenging and fresh ideas, ended the innovation journey with the announcement of the winners .

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