UV Sterilizer

How clean are the things we hold and use all day It is important to wash your hands frequently , but it is also essential to maintain good hygiene . The recently released  wireless charging [1] Ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer [2] is suitable for easily sterilizing items exposed to bacteria in daily life , such as smartphones and glasses Featuring a minimalist design, this sterilizer helps you keep your belongings clean anytime, anywhere .

So how many belongings can you sterilize in an office where you spend most of your day In general, from 9:00 am when work starts to 6:00 pm when work ends , I searched for belongings that needed a  sterilization shower ‘ Each time you find an item, you get 20 points , and if you find 5 items, you get 100 points Let’s follow the ‘UV Sterilizer Challenge ‘ that will give your belongings a pleasant ‘sterilization  shower ‘ .

#1 ‘Smartphone’ with my hand all day long

Smartphone to be cleaned with UV sterilizer

Breathing in the morning air on the way to work As soon as I sat down in a familiar office seat, the first thing that caught my eye was the smartphone that I had with me all the way to work From the time I wake up in the morning to the time I fall asleep, I am more concerned about hygiene as I do not let go of it .

How to sterilize a smartphone with a UV sterilizer

I opened the UV sterilizer I brought for the challenge and put my smartphone in 196mm in width , 96mm in length, and 33mm in height , it is the size that most smartphone models fit comfortably Close the cover and press the round button on the front right to turn on the green light Sterilization [2] proceeds automatically for 10 minutes, and when finished , the light turns off with a  beep ‘ sound Since the smartphone is touched dozens of times a day or more , I decided to sterilize it one more time before leaving work .


#2 ‘Galaxy Buds Plus’, an emotional protector on the way to and from work

Galaxy Buds Plus to be cleaned with UV sterilizer

While I was concentrating on my work, I looked back for a moment and saw the Galaxy Buds Plus, which is responsible for the sensibility of commuting to and from work Bacterial control is especially important because it is worn in the ear for a long time Found a second item that must enter the sterilizer .

How to sterilize Galaxy Buds with UV sterilizer

The Galaxy Buds Plus is satisfactory because it can sterilize not only the earphones that come into contact with the ears, but also the case containing the earphones [2] . The case is also sterilized thanks to its wide design from the design stage to accommodate items of various sizes Put both earphones and the open case in and press the button to finish sterilization .


#3 ‘ From the lens to the legs’ glasses with the face

Glasses to be cleaned with UV sterilizer

After a hard morning, it was lunch time I took off the glasses I was wearing while concentrating on my work, and suddenly I feel that the glasses that are with my face all day require sterilization I immediately put the third item into the sterilizer .

Glasses sterilization with UV sterilizer

The UV sterilizer is equipped with a dual UV function to thoroughly sterilize thin objects such as glasses In addition , it cleanly removes up to 99% of harmful bacteria such as E. coli , Staphylococcus aureus , and white salt bacteria with UV-C ultraviolet rays [2] I folded the temples well and pressed the button, and it came out cleanly sterilized in 10 minutes .


#4 ‘ No moisture’ Toothbrush responsible for dental health

Toothbrush to be cleaned with UV sterilizer

Glasses were sterilized and we had a delicious lunch After buying coffee to concentrate on work in the afternoon , I naturally took out my toothbrush to brush my teeth When I think about it, hygiene management is also important for toothbrushes, which are essential for cleaning teeth and gums .

How to sterilize a toothbrush with a UV sterilizer

One thing to note is that the UV sterilizer must not come into contact with water Therefore, it is necessary to sterilize a dry toothbrush before use, not a wet toothbrush after use, to prevent malfunction Not only the bristles that touched the teeth, but also the handle that we hold in our hands were thoroughly cleaned through the sterilizer .


#5 Work essentials, dirty writing instruments

Pen to be cleaned with UV sterilizer

The afternoon schedule is for business meetings 10 minutes before going to the meeting room, I grabbed a notebook and a writing instrument to take notes of the meeting I suddenly thought that the pen I hold for writing every day needs to be sterilized .

Sterilizing writing instruments with UV sterilizer

The most frequently used black and blue pens were placed in a UV sterilizer and sterilized I couldn’t make sure the sterilizer was turned off because of the meeting time, but I didn’t have to worry . Because the device automatically turns off at the end of the 10 -minute operating time Today’s challenge succeeded by perfectly removing bacteria up to the fifth item !

UV sterilizer placed on the desk

Now the UV sterilizer on the other side of the office desk is familiar If you are concerned about the hygiene of your hands and the daily necessities that you encounter most often , how about using a UV sterilizer ?

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