Jeju National University’s Atomic Energy Science and Technology Research Center and Jeju Technopark Lava Seawater Center recently signed a business agreement for mutual cooperation for radiation measurement research in Jeju at the Lava Seawater Center located in Gujwa-eup, Jeju City.

Through this agreement, the two organizations agreed to strengthen R&D and commercialization in the field of radioactivity measurement research in Jeju lava seawater raw water, applied products, and general seawater.

Director Choi Su-seok said, “Through this agreement, the two organizations work together to obtain objective and scientific data on radiation in the Jeju waters and provide them to citizens. We will do our best to contribute to securing and revitalize the local economy by promoting the use and commercialization of lava seawater.”

Meanwhile, the Lava Seawater Industrial Complex uses lava seawater, a unique underground water resource in Jeju that is naturally filtered through volcanic bedrock and is rich in minerals and nutrients, to commercialize beverages, cosmetics, and food products.

The Atomic Energy Research Institute of Jeju National University has been designated as a testing and inspection agency by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and is conducting analysis of various radioactive substances such as cesium, iodine, strontium, and tritium present in food.

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