Panasonic Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; Representative Director: Masashi Nagayasu; hereinafter referred to as Panasonic Automotive), which is in charge of the automotive business in the Panasonic Group, has introduced a new work system that enables employees to work in a variety of ways. , will be introduced on a trial basis from October 1, 2022. By introducing the new system, we aim to support employees’ career development and enhance their work-life balance.

<Revised and newly established work system>
1) Increased flexibility in working styles by eliminating the minimum working hours per day under the flextime system (revision)
・Minimum working hours per day while maintaining monthly working hours By abolishing , work style flexibility will be increased
・Depending on the work style you choose, for example, you can have three days off per week

2) Shorter working hours for volunteers and side jobs (revision)
・We have restructured the conventional system of “career development support work” for self-study and “W&L (work and life) support work” for childcare and nursing care. You can choose from 7.75 hours, 6.75 hours, 5.75 hours, etc., as the basis for setting monthly working hours
・Added “volunteer” and “side job” to the purpose of career development support work

3) Transferring partners Applying full remote work to remote employment (revision)・ Expanding the application
of existing systems (telecommuting, remote work)
Enable full remote work
*Full remote work has existed for the purpose of eliminating or avoiding the need to move away from home

4) Systematization of outside side jobs (newly established
・Newly established a system that allows outside side jobs as sole proprietors, including outsourcing contracts, or as a company manager
*However, there are prohibited items such as the risk of interfering with the main business and a high risk of work-related accidents

<Background and vision>
Panasonic Automotive will support the growth of each and every employee and implement the system revision and the introduction of a new system with the ultimate goal of creating an environment that allows them to fully demonstrate their abilities. By accumulating diverse experiences, innovation is promoted, and by accelerating autonomous career development support, it is possible to acquire and develop more excellent human resources. Along with the childcare leave and leave system (announced on September 21, 2022) (*1) aimed at eliminating the gender gap, employees who are the source of the company’s growth can fully demonstrate their abilities, We will create an environment where we can generate and develop together.

*1 Panasonic Automotive Systems Introduces Paid Childcare Leave, Etc. -Aiming for a Better Environment to Eliminate the Gender Gap and Make it Easy to Have and Raise Children- (announced September 21, 2022)

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