According to a new royal biography, Meghan Markle’s decision to sue the British tabloids left the palace staff “embarrassed” at what they saw as “a huge mistake.”

The Duchess of Sussex has been advised against filing privacy and copyright claims. After her Sunday mail letter was published, she is said to have sent it to her father, Thomas Markle. palace .

But, published on October 6, 2022 and authored by seasoned Royal Correspondent Valentine Lowe, the book suggests that Meghan “is determined to move forward” and will ask, “Why isn’t anyone listening to me?” .

“Everyone else was equally determined not to talk to her,” Low wrote. “The solution came to me that summer when the couple spent time with Elton John and David Furnish. I was looking for another lawyer.

“Schillings, the company Elton had previously used, not only had a reputation as one of the most aggressive defamation companies in the UK, but also charged amazing fees. Meghan abandoned Harbottle & Lewis and was introduced to Schillings by Elton. she was in her On the way to court.”

Meghan broke up with Gerard Tyrell, a royal lawyer representing the Queen and other members of the royal family. The book is “another step in Meghan’s distance from her royal advisers,” he said.

The lawsuit was announced during Harry and Meghan’s royal tour of South Africa in October 2019.

“After Meghan dropped Gerrard Tyrrell, no one in the family knew what was going on in connection with any potential legal action,” Low added.

“None of them knew that the Duchess was filing a lawsuit. Sunday’s mail until they are in South Africa. The team was bewildered.

“They thought it was a huge mistake because it threatened to derail the rest of the tour. But there was very little they could do.”

Around the same time, Meghan and Harry interviewed the British Network. In the eyes of the ITV public, they talked about how hard their lives were.

Harry also publicly admitted his rift with his brother for the first time, and William urged them to contact them when they return to England.

What the book says: “A palace source told the BBC about the family’s fears that Sussexes were in a ‘vulnerable place’. Prince William wanted them to be ‘okay’. The day after the documentary aired, William WhatsApp told his brother he could come and see him.” Low wrote.

“This left Harry and Meghan confused. What should I do? At first, Harry agreed. Then he spoke to his brother again and asked who he was going to talk to,” he wrote Low.

“William explained that he needed to organize his schedule, which meant he had to tell his personal assistant. At that point, Harry said. don’t come

“He was so worried that William’s team would divulge a press visit that he would rather not see his brother than risk getting it in the newspaper. For anyone who knows what was going on, this was heartbreaking.”

Ultimately, Meghan won her case in High Court in February 2021 and appealed again later that year, but the process was sometimes so harsh on her that she feared she might suffer a second miscarriage.

Her first miscarriage in July 2020 also occurred during a period of extreme stress related to the case, but there is no indication that the lawsuit caused a tragedy.

At the time, I applied for permission to name five of my friends who were interviewed anonymously by mail on Sunday . People About Megan

More than a year later, in November 2021, Meghan described the impact on her in a witness statement filed with the Court of Appeal. Newsweek .

“On October 20, 2020, the lawyers filed a request for a postponement of the trial scheduled for January 2021,” the statement said.

“At the time I was in the first trimester of my third pregnancy (I had a miscarriage a few months ago) and I was very uncomfortable.

“My doctor advised me to avoid stress. Especially since it was several days after her birth, [ The Mail on Sunday ] had to urgently apply for anonymity order, threatening to compromise the confidentiality of the original ‘source’ of the People article.

“This was granted by Judge Warby, but the process was extremely stressful and it was damaging both physically and emotionally.

“I’ve always wanted to protect their privacy, but [ The Mail on Sunday ] seemed to do my best to keep this lawsuit as intrusive as possible.”

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