When it comes to cleaning, we all have different techniques we use to keep our home shiny and tidy.

But if you’re looking for a little helping hand to carry on with your chores, look no further.

Monday consists of hoovering and dusting.

Posting by @sherrymmmontessorish, cleaning guru Sherry shared on TikTok the exact weekly schedule she uses to keep her home “always clean”.

She starts by explaining through her daily routine that Monday is made up of hoovering and dusty.

On Tuesday, Sherry mops before thoroughly cleaning the stove, refrigerator, and microwave.

And on Wednesday, Sherry handles the long task of the bathroom.

On Thursdays, she changes the bed sheets and on Fridays she cleans the surfaces before throwing out the trash.

Cleaning professionals do different chores every Saturday and Sunday is reserved for meal planning.

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The post has since garnered over 400,000 views and garnered numerous comments online.

“yes!!! Literally started two weeks ago, GAME CHANGER
Oh, I love this!!”

Second compliment: “Great idea!”

Third write: “Great schedule!”

On the other hand, the fourth is “I will give anything for this kind of discipline… .”

Another said, “I aspire to be. But that’s not me. It just doesn’t,” he admitted.

He added, “It’s like this, but the whole house isn’t clean at once.”

One thought on “I am a cleaning expert and with an accurate weekly schedule I can make sure my house is always clean. Everything is routine.”

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