Eagles CB Darius Slay got a clinic against the Minnesota Vikings in Monday Night Football.

Darius Sley was limping in the fourth quarter with a time of 7:15. He waved to Zech McPhearson. Four Pro Bowl cornerbacks couldn’t come out of a decisive situation. A few seconds later, Slay intercepted a leap from the end zone to return the ball to the attack.

It was Slay’s second choice and was closed on all return attempts in Minnesota. He perfectly read Kirk Cousins’ eyes and completed Justin Jefferson’s path. He didn’t even consider sitting on a bench where the match was suspended from the scales. Slay knew what he had to do. And the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Vikings 24-7.

“I had to shake him,” Slay told reporters. I am a tough friend “I am not going to put him where he is now. It was a clutch situation, the striker turned the ball around, and only the great players stood up at that moment.”

A slay happened at every moment during the win at Lincoln Financial Field on Monday night. He clings to Jefferson like a static electricity clinging to laundry. Cousins ​​were 1/5 for 7 yards when Slay was the closest defender. And Slay did more blocking (2) than allowed reception (1) for 5 targets on Jefferson.

“I don’t take any matchups lightly,” Slay said. “But he’s one of the best in the world, and I’m also one of the best in the world, so he was looking forward to the matchup.”

Darius Slay had more interceptions (2) than receptions allowed (1) as the nearest defender on 5 targets to Justin Jefferson. The Vikings lost -11.9 EPA on the 5 targets, the most in any WR-CB matchup in a game over the last 6 seasons (min. 5 targets).

Sixers star James Harden gets VIP treatment.

Slay decided to celebrate his first interception with a VIP fan in the stands. He jumped off the pitch in the third quarter and handed the ball to James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers. It wasn’t a planned move, but it was a quick combined move after Slay saw Harden at Jumbotron.

“Well, to be honest, I didn’t even know he was in the game until they put him on Jumbotron,” Slay said. “He is one of my favorite players. So, why not shoot? The opportunity to meet Hall of Fame basketball player James Harden is not every day.”

His second pick (taken from Jefferson in the fourth quarter) was reserved for another favorite of Slay’s life. He was bringing the ball home for his son as a souvenir.

The media continues to ignore the ‘elite’ massacre.

Slay’s name is surprisingly missing from the recent NFL Top 10 Cornerback list. Some have predicted that the Eagles’ cornerback will come out a little slower in 2022. This player is on a downtrend, right? No more elite? stop it.

“I mean, I got a lot of respect. [around the league] But you always know how it goes. People think you fall over as you get older, but I’m not like that,” Slay said. “I am still at the elite level. I deserve a lot of respect. I think the league respects me enough. It is just media.”

Slay also jumped into the defense of Jonathan Gannon, who has been criticized since week one. He reminded everyone that Gannon doesn’t wear a uniform. The players have to carry out what he calls what he did at a high level against Minnesota on Monday.

“The first match was us. We didn’t run well. We didn’t tackle well.” Slay said. “It’s not Gannon playing there. He’s just making a phone call. We’ve been in a lot of good situations where we just need to run and we don’t play.

“But tonight it was on the other side. We came here with a lot of hard work and a lot of talent and had the mindset to dominate and play this game and people were just doing their job and that’s what we did. The coach puts us in a good position to win.”

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