Start with the goal of entering the overseas plant construction market

Sungkyunkwan University (President Shin Dong-ryeol) is a national R&D project of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (hereinafter referred to as ‘National Land Promotion Agency’ Park Seung-gi), “Non-traditional oil production plant construction core technology development project” ( He took charge of the general field of the ‘project group’) and announced that he had participated in the initiation briefing held at the conference room of the Yongsan Smart City Project Group on Friday, June 24.

This project is to localize more than 80% of the core technology of the production plant in order to secure the competitiveness of plant construction through the independence of non-traditional oil development technology represented by oil sands, and the basic design technology of each technology (Front End Engineering and Design (FEED)) In order to advance into the overseas plant construction market by securing

This project group consists of one general area and five key areas, and a total of 47 institutions will carry out the project, centering on Sungkyunkwan University (Chairman Jang-am), the general institution.

The project group’s R&D tasks are divided into two phases, and the first stage, where research and development of core technologies is intensively carried out, is from April 22nd to December 25th (3 years and 9 months), and construction The second stage, in which technology application and demonstration, such as test operation and continuous operation, is carried out, will be carried out from January 26th to December 28th (3 years). About 195.2 billion won will be invested in 46 institutions for a total of 7 years from this year to 26.

At this initiation briefing, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Science and Technology Promotion Agency, and research institutes in each key field participated to share the project group’s R&D goals, research and demonstration plans, and discussed future directions. In particular, there was an in-depth discussion on the demonstration plan for the self-reliance of the production plant FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) for entry into the overseas plant construction market, which is the core and goal of the R&D task, and the localization of core technologies.

Sungkyunkwan University Director Jang-Am, who is the project manager and general manager of this project, presented specific performance goals for each module and expressed a strong will to enter the overseas plant market and grow together with small and medium-sized domestic equipment and materials companies through an organic promotion strategy. . Park Rae-sang, head of the plant division at the National Land Promotion Agency, said, “This new national R&D project will solve problems such as establishing energy security and depletion of fossil fuels, as well as securing overseas construction orders in the plant sector and creating a business model. We will work harder for that.”

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