Artificial Intelligence-Cyber ​​Security Industry-University-Research Cooperation in Preparation for the Era of Autonomous Vessels
Korea Maritime University is the first in the maritime field to launch an industry-academia-research cooperative consultative body for the development of maritime artificial intelligence security technology and nurturing human resources.

The ‘Marine Artificial Intelligence Security Technology Council’, which took its first step through the inauguration ceremony held on the 16th, nurtures state-of-the-art naval personnel in the fields of cyber security and artificial intelligence and nurtures related local industries according to the birth of autonomous ships. was launched to support It is supported by the LINC 3.0 project group and supervised by the Department of Maritime Artificial Intelligence and Security.

The launch ceremony was attended by autonomous ships such as Orange Security, Cnet, and KDD, as well as cybersecurity and satellite communication-related industries, as well as professors from the Department of Maritime Artificial Intelligence and Security. In the future, it was decided through this meeting to expand to the maritime field related to the 4th industry, such as big data including cyber security and artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

The ‘School of Maritime Artificial Intelligence and Security is a department newly established in the Maritime University in 2022 with the purpose of nurturing creative marine engineers who will be in charge of the operation and management of future ships. ▲AI Major (30 navigators) ▲Cybersecurity Engineer (30 engineers) The total capacity is 60 students per grade. This department operates a special scholarship system for 4 years in addition to special scholarships for the maritime college (exemption of tuition for 4 years, provision of lodging, food, and clothing, military service by on-board reserve service), and a graduate school master’s and the doctoral program will be newly established in 2023.

Professor Lim Jeong-bin, the dean of the Department of Maritime Artificial Intelligence and Security, said, “With the launch of this council, we will jointly improve the curriculum specialized in artificial intelligence and cyber security, and lead the research and development of human resources in the world’s advanced ship sector.” said.

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